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  • 研究業績(最近のもの。最新のもの順)
    • Tatsuhiro Tamaki, Harumi Hashimoto, Atsushi Onishi, Yasuo Uchida*, A TRIAL OF BIDIRECTIONAL TRANSCRIPTION LEARNING FOR BEGINNER PROGRAMMERS, Proceeding: international virtual conference on Social Sciences, Education and Innovation 2021, 1 – 9, June 2021
      *Corresponding Author
    • TAMAKI Tatsuhiro, ONISHI Atsushi, UCHIDA Yasuo*, A Trial of Learning Programming Using a Six-step Method, Asian Journal of Research in Education Social Sciences, 3(1), 10 – 24, 2021年3月
      *Corresponding Author
    • 松野成悟,中岡伊織,内田保雄, 伊藤孝夫, 情報サービス産業における多角化と財務パフォーマンス -パネルデータ分析-, 生産管理, Vol. 27, No. 1, 95-100, 2020. 4